How to Increase Compliance with Agreement Sets

When it comes to agreement sets, you're basically actively pacing and leading the other person to comply with what you want him to do.

Instead of just opening the possibility of compliance, you will actually be holding the other person’s hand during a hypnotic induction and ask him to do something for you at the end. It’s a little advanced than most hypnotic language patterns but I can assure you, it can work in many situations. How does an agreement set work? Here’s how it works: the human mind was designed in a way that when it picks up verifiable facts, it tends to question succeeding statements and ideas less and less until trust is finally established and compliance becomes imminent.

“As you are reading the manuscript, enjoying the different lessons on hypnotic pacing and leading, you will enjoy practicing these great hypnotic patterns even more”

Do you see how an agreement set comes together in a statement? The first two parts of the statement can be verified easily by the subject. The third and final element in the statement can’t be verified but by the time the subject reaches the third part of the stamen he has already been conditioned mentally to agree with whatever you want to say.

It’s a sneaky strategy and it works beautifully each and every time. And the best thing about this strategy is that it allows you to gain compliance without deceiving anyone at all. Notice that this pattern focuses only on what is true and what can be verified easily by the senses.

The Thought-Disruption Pattern

The Thought-Disruption Pattern is another brutally simple HLP that can be used to give embedded commands. The Thought- Disruption Pattern can be used when you think you have lost footing in a conversation and you really need to bring back the subject or the group to your desired issue.

Here’s the formula:

Step 1: Provide a diversion statement (i.e. “Crazy game last night!”)

Step 2: Wait for the subject to respond; if there is no response, try another diversion statement until it finally works.

Step 3: Begin asking questions that would lead the other person to agree with you (i.e. “Would you like to make more money than you have ever dreamed possible?”)

Step 4: Introduce the desired topic when the subject has complied with you.

Covert Tip:

All hypnotic language patterns can be used to effectively change people’s perception of ideas and events. For example, if you have to delegate a task to someone you know is already busy with other tasks; you can use the redefining pattern to show the other person a different view of the situation.

Just how can this be achieved? Here’s a good example: let’s say you had to manage a group of people on a daily basis. Delegating different tasks can be difficult especially during that time of the year when people really have to work double time just to meet deadlines.

What would you do when people start showing resistance to the idea of receiving more tasks from their manager? Normally, managers would just use their position to get what they want. It’s the normal process; employees or team members don’t usually complain because they are afraid of losing their job.

You may be able to delegate tasks this way but in the final analysis, people around you may be losing faith in your ability to become a good manager. That can become extremely problematic in the long term. We want harmony in any business setting right?

You can achieve this harmony by shifting another person’s perception through a HLP, like the agreement pattern. So if the subject is saying that he can’t accept the new task, you can tell him something like “I agree that you are indeed overburdened with several tasks at the moment and that means that we have to work really hard to identify which tasks are urgent and which ones can be put last on the list”.

The way I used the redefining pattern in the last statement helped me accomplish several things:

1. I was able to express agreement, which defused the situation immediately.

2. I was able to acknowledge the condition of the subject, which is another defusing technique. People tend to become more defensive and resistant if a person feels that the speaker has no idea what he is going through at the moment.Hypnotic Language Patterns Volume 1

3. I was able to embed a command in the statement, which also doubled as a solution to the implied problem of the subject (being overburdened with work).


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