Seven Ways To Make A Killer First Impression With Body Language

When it comes to body language, I still can't believe how many people are not actively trying to master this topic. I guess they still fail to realize that no matter which way you slice it, non verbal communication accounts for over 70% of the way we "talk" to each other.

Now tying directly into that is the importance of a good impression. The ironic part is that most people screw up the first impression because they're always thinking of the "right" thing to say when in reality they should be thinking about the right thing to DO.

So in this post, I'm going to show you exactly how to make a killer first impression with body language.

And just in case you forgot, here are a few reasons why first impressions are important:

1.) First impressions last

2.)  People can base their permanent impression of you in three to six minutes

3.) People rarely find reasons to change their first impression of someone

4.) People respond to other people based on their first impressions of others.

5.) Nine times out of ten, people don’t know that they are unconsciously projecting an image of themselves to people that they are talking to for the first time. It is important to control this public image because this will be used by people to make a first impression of you. You have to be aware, not guarded, because you would also want to facilitate communication in the process of controlling your projection.

The solutions

1.) Be extra careful when you are around women because women are more perceptive than men. Men can learn to be more perceptive, but that takes practice.

2.) When you want to appear honest and sincere with what you are saying, keep your hands near the navel and keep your palms open and loose. The palms should be facing the other person;  this shows that you are not trying to hide anything and you are truly laying down the cards. You will discover that as you do this, your emotions and thoughts will follow suit. Everything will feel easier and more comfortable. The mind responds to body language and vice versa.

3.) Avoid putting your hands in your pants’ pockets when talking to people because this sends a signal that you are not confident or comfortable being in that situation. Keep your hands near the front of your body.

4.) Don’t put your hands at your sides because this will send an instant signal to the other person that you have already been disabled even before you’ve started. Putting your hands at the sides sends an unconscious message that you are a sitting duck, vulnerable and ready for attack.

5.) If you want to come across as energetic, make gestures near the chest area and keep the energy high by using this horizontal plane. If you want to tone down the energy, simply lower your hands near the navel level. Adjust the energy of the dialog by moving your hands up and down. Remember to use open gestures to keep the interaction smooth.

6.) When you are trying to give instructions to someone, keep your palms open. This signals that you are open to interaction and you are not dictating to others.

7.) Facial expressions are just as important when you’re trying to talk to someone. When you choose to smile at people, remember to feel good when you’re smiling so that a more natural smile will emerge. The brain can detect a fake smile a mile away. Scientists believe that the brain actually scans key areas on the other person’s face to check if the smile is genuine or not. If you don’t feel good when you’re smiling, you will notice that your smile will end up strained and the smile will be limited to your mouth region. Your eyes will not ‘smile’ along with your mouth.

8.) When you shake hands with people, don’t try to dominate them. Match the other person’s shaking power. This takes practice but it can be done.

Benefits of the solution

It’s easier to create a good first impression with body language.

Using body language will feel natural because non-verbal language is instinctual.

You can build your own repertoire of gestures and actions later on as you learn more about how you can create a good first impression on people.

The Bottom Line:

Creating a killer first impression is important in every social situation. We want to create a positive image in the minds of people that you interact with because this will also help you persuade and influence people more easily.

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