Top Five Rules For Marketing Anything

Here are my top 5 rules for marketing anything:

1.) Research - Make sure a market exists for the value you plan to offer. Belief in something, passion, persistence and high quality are all great but if there's no market, there's no real opportunity to add value and be compensated in the process. When you identify the market, speak to their desires and pain points. Aim to give them an advantage and/or solve their problems.

2.) Decide And Stand Firm - Be one thing to a specific group of people rather than trying to be many things to everyone. It's always better to have smaller targeted group of people who value your information than a large group who don't even know who you are. Remember, it's hard to sell prime grass fed meat to vegetarians.

3.) Master Marketing - As Dan Kennedy puts it every successful business is a marketing business (or something like that :). Point is you could have the cure to cancer. If your audience isn't made aware of this or doesn't fully and easily understand it, it's of no use.

4.) Test Everything - Never make the mistake of thinking that marketing is a religion. There are many different ways to sell something. Some work better than others for many different reasons like:

Timing - Is the market ready or are they even aware that they need your product/service?

Stage of Buying Cycle - Where are they in terms of the process of making a purchase?

State of Awareness- How much does the market know about your product?

State of Sophistication - How many similar products/offers have they seen?

In marketing there are no successes or failures; there are only tests. Each test will bring you closer to the answers to these questions. Some things you can begin testing right away are: your headline, your product positioning, your price, your bonus offer and your guarantee.

5.) Avoid Infatuation - Love - or at the very least enjoy - what you market or how you market it as doing things that you dread just for money eventually just wind up sucking your soul from you - not a good thing if you're into having a soul. BUT, never fall in love with an idea just because it's yours or you think it's cool.. Fall in love with it for the right reasons (ie. it helps people, lots of people desire to have it, it has the potential to set you free financially because of the first two reasons). The market NEVER lies.

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