Top Questions About Body Language

Question: Is body language even a real language?

Body language is as real as verbal language and vocal language, it has been studied around the world, people are still studying it right now. Politicians, business people and other sterling individuals are known to pay a large price just to learn how to express themselves properly through body language.

Question: Wouldn’t body language be limited to just one country or culture?

Body language is a universal language which means every person that has been born into this world knows how to express himself through movements, gestures and facial expressions. There are no exceptions.

Body language precedes culture and verbal language. People from different cultures can actually communicate with each other with the use of body language. Body language is just as important as verbal language; it may even be more important because it directly conveys what a person is really thinking and feeling at the moment.

Question: Do people use body language all the time?

People use body language all the time even if we don’t notice that we are constantly using body language.

Question: Is body language an insignificant part of human communication?

Body language is actually 60%-70% of human communication, which means that verbal language & vocal language (the sounds that we make) comprise just 30%-40% of what we say.

Question: Is verbal language more effective than body language?

People respond more readily to what they see as opposed to what they hear.

The human brain processes visual cues automatically. When someone receives input like words and sounds, the logic center of the brain is activated. That means more cognitive resources are required when a person tries to just listen to what the other person is saying. When a person uses the proper body language, he is facilitating what he is saying with gestures, movements and expressions that can be readily deciphered by the other person.

Question: Is body language effective?

We live in the visual age. People believe what they see more than what they just hear or read. Visual language now has more weight than ever in popular culture.

Body language can help excite or calm down 5 people or five thousand people. It doesn’t matter because the impact of one person can be the same to a single person or a large group of people.

Body language can be used in different social situations; name a situation and there is a proper gesture, expression or movement that you can use to win in that social situation.

Question: Is body language hard to learn?

Body language is as natural as breathing and moving about to get things done. Learning body language is just like learning how to breathe well – it takes practice but the whole process is enjoyable and you will gain a lot of benefits in the end.

There is a process involved when a person is learning about body language.

The easiest way to master body language is through observation and practice. The more you observe and the more you practice what you’ve learned, the better.

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