How To Shift Someone's Thoughts Using The Redefine Pattern

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you could reach into someone's brain, push a button and get them to think differently about something?

Maybe a person who's arguing a point that makes no sense? Maybe a prospect who's giving the same objection over and over? Maybe someone you admire that you want to feel the same way about you?

Listen, there's no such thing as a magic button that can do this for you. But the redefine pattern comes very close.

This hypnotic language pattern basically enables you to shift a person's frame of thought from one place to where you want them to be.

It looks like this:

The issue at hand is not (A), it is really (B) and that means (C).

Pay close attention to the arrangement of the words and the three major elements of this language pattern (A, B & C). The first element smoothly connects with the existing issue; this creates a seamless connection between the redefine statement and the last statement of the other person.

However, as you reach the first element (is not A), the current issue is negated and a new issue is quickly introduced (it is really B). The new issue is further imposed on the conversation through the third element (and that means C).

Be aware though that you have to be gentle when shifting topics especially if you are faced with critical individuals like academics or hard-nosed business folks. If the shift in a conversation becomes extreme, there is a big chance that the other person will not respond readily to your input.

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