The Single Biggest Copy-writing Needle Mover

In 2006 I wrote a sales letter that brought in around $500k. Since then, it's probably done millions.

I wrote it from my one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn with little to no experience writing copy.

I did it in my basketball shorts and I drank a six pack before I started writing it.

It was on the topic of astral projection.

For those of you who don’t know that’s when you basically leave your body and float around the universe, experience all kinds of crazy sh*t and then come back.

My job was to sell a course that showed people how to do this.

This was for a big client.

A client - that at the time I probably had no business writing for - but found myself with this opportunity through a mutual colleague.

A client - that anyone into mediation, spirituality and consciousness - would immediately recognize as the biggest online leader in that space at the moment. I won’t name names but the company’s initials are MV.

When I started writing this copy I thought to myself how the f*ck am I supposed to write this letter?

What does a guy from Brooklyn who takes the F train to work everyday in his Banana Republic shirt know about astral projection?

The answer?


That’s when I realized that to write this letter I would have to temperately abandon Paul Mascetta - the guy who went to Bishop Ford High School, watched the Sopranos and ate dinner at 3pm every Sunday.


For that moment I was someone else.

We’ll call him Aaron.

Aaron is 5 feet 7 in inches tall & weighs 157lbs.

He’s in his late 30’s, lives in Seattle, smokes pot, lights candles and doesn’t believe in God.

From the moment I started writing I became Aaron.

I asked myself…

What does Aaron hope to achieve in life?

What frustrates him?

What makes him happy?

What pisses him off?

What does it take to be his friend?

Who does he listen to and trust?

And so on.

I wrote the entire letter by simply placing myself in his shoes.

Sure I touched on the benefits and features off the product but make no mistake..

The single biggest needle mover on that letter was..


A few years later I found myself at a mastermind with the owner of the company that I wrote that letter for.

When his time came to shine he quoted almost every line from Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz.

He talked about things like market sophistication and how you can’t create desire but only channel it and how every offer was crafted using these principles.

And I sat there thinking “Sh&t, I didn’t use any of that when I wrote that letter”.

Now listen, I’m not saying that the information in BA is not useful. Since then I’ve read the book a few times and think it contains some really insightful information. reiterate..

The single biggest needle mover on that letter was..


I can will be yours too.

So what are you doing about it?

Are you researching your ideal customer, avatar or whatever you wanna call it?

Are you making it your business to align & connect with them emotionally?

Are you speaking their language?

Are you talking about things relevant to them?

If you’re not, you should start.


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